Opera Audio/Consonance
New Component

Vacuum tubes: 90 days
CD players: 2 years, original owner only
Turntables: 2 years, original owner only
Amplifiers (integrated, power, preamplifiers, phono preamplifiers): 5 years, fully transferable
Tuners: 5 years, fully transferable
All in one units (i.e. Ping): Amplifier section; 5 years, fully transferable. CD section; 2 years, original owner only
Loudspeakers: 5 years, fully transferrable


1. Terms and conditions of warranty apply to all components purchased on or after October 1, 2007, and supercede all other warranties, expressed or implied, related to Opera Audio/Consonance high-end audio components imported by UltraViolet Audio

2. Customer must reside in USA or Canada

3. Components must be purchased through an authorized Opera Audio/Consonance dealer in the USA or Canada, as listed on UltraViolet Audio's DEALER page.

Components purchased through unauthorized dealers or gray market means will not be warranted, covered, or supported in any way

4. Customer (original or subsequent owner) must maintain original receipt of purchase

5. Warranty card (indicating model, serial number, dealer, date of purchase, customer full name/address/telephone number/e-mail address) must be completed and, along with a copy of original receipt of purchase, returned to UltraViolet Audio within 60 days of original purchase

6. Coverage applies to component in terms of audio/sound reproduction operation and functionality, and not to cosmetic or issues related to physical appearance

7. Coverage does not apply to components damaged in shipping, which are the sole responsibility of the shipping carrier

8. Components must not be modified, altered, physically damaged, abused, or used in any manner not in keeping with their intended purpose.

At the sole discretion of UltraViolet Audio, the warranty may be fully or partially voided on a component that has been modified, operated in a manner not in keeping with the intended and/or prudent use of the component, or via the use of any vacuum tube and/or accessory not specifically listed as appropriate to the component

9. Every effort will be made to repair a component. However, in instances of components discontinued for more than 1 year, with no original replacement parts available, a prorated (35% for CD players/turntables, 20% for amplifiers/loudspeakers, of original retail price deducted for each calendar year of age) amount of the component's original purchase price may be granted towards the purchase of a new component

10. Customer agrees to all conditions as put forth by UltraViolet Audio. If any of the above conditions are not met, UltraViolet Audio may provide a 90 day (CD players and turntables) or 1 year (amplifiers and loudspeakers) non-transferable warranty, at its discretion, on components purchased through authorized Opera Audio/Consonance dealers.

No warranty, coverage, or support will be provided to owners of components not obtained through an authorized dealership


Unfortunately, as we well know, we do not live in a perfect world.

The fact of the matter is that like all equipment, high-end audio gear can break down. What that happens, we are ready to help. In addition to handling product distribution, we are a full service repair shop, located in the Philadelphia, PA area. Service is led by our EE/technician possessing a half century of experience designing, building, servicing, and repairing electronic equipment of all types. As the exclusive North American distributor of Opera Audio/Consonance products, we alone have the relationship with the manufacturer no one else can lay claim to. That means we have access to the schematics, parts, and technical staff here and at the company's headquarters that is required to get the job done. And, in the least possible time.

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